The LCG Working group on Macro-Economic Development & Technical Assistance (MDTA) will meet to promote an active dialogue on macroeconomic trends, macroeconomic policy, and technical assistance in Bangladesh, to strengthen co-operation both within the donor community and with the Government and work for better harmonisation of technical assistance.
Working Group Information
About the Working Group
The Local Consultative Group (LCG) Working group on Macro-Economic Development & Technical Assistance (MDTA) functions as a medium of exchange and dialogue within the donor community in Bangladesh and between the donor community and officials of the Government of Bangladesh.


Recurrent themes discussed at the Working Group's meetings include: (i) the state of the economy; (ii) economic governance issues; (iii) drivers of growth; (iv) the likely impact of economic shocks; (v) macro economic management, including the role of donors; (vi) new economic analysis from/on Bangladesh; and (vii) sectoral issues, including public finance, balance of payments, and monteray developments. Discussion on these issues has led to the formation of group statements and comments to the Joint Staff Assessment team and the Bangladesh Development Forum.This Terms of Reference are to be reviewed at least every two years, and will be placed on the LCG website.

Priority Areas
  • Support the Thematic Working Groups in preparation of the full PRSP
  • Preparation of input for various events and reports, including the BDF and the MDG report
  • Collaborate with the Private Sector sub-group on trade-related issues and expiration of the Mutli Fiber Agreement
  • Providing a sounding board for Government on macroeconomic issues, for example related to the budget
  • Providing a sounding board and a mechanism for coordination for donors who provide macroeconomic support, in particular the IMF (PRGF) and World Bank (DSC)
  • Providing a mechanism for coordination of technical assistance provision in relevant areas
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