To provide a forum for information exchange among development partners and Government in the area of women in development and gender mainstreaming. It is also to enhance co-ordination and collaboration among its members, as well as maintaining a common database of current WID/gender-related activities which helps to enhance this co-operative effort.
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The LCG Working Group on WAGE assesses the need to coordinate donor efforts in strengthening the implementation of the mandate of the Ministry of Women and Children Affairs to mainstream gender throughout the GoB.


The driving force behind this support is the importance given by the development partner community to assist the GoB in meeting its national and international commitments with respect to gender equality. The following are the key commitments: Millennium Development Goals; strategies spelled out in the I-PRSP (and future PRSPs); to eliminate all reservations and undertake the full implementation of the articles of the Convention on the Elimination of all forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW); and, the implementation of the National Action Plan on Women?s Advancement together with the Beijing Platform for Action. The responsibility of the Ministry of Women and Children Affairs to help in responding to these commitments is large, but equal responsibility should be given to other Ministries and overarching Ministries to mainstream gender in the process.

Priority Areas
    • Gender and poverty reduction strategy processes
    • Gender and governance
    • Women's rights and combating violence against women
    • Gender and education
    • Gender and health
Workshops with working group on PBA for Gender Mainstreaming


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