To promote confidence building and sustainable development for the region by initiating developmental interventions and regular and meaningful dialogue among all the relevant stakeholders.
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About the Working Group
The LCG Working Group on CHT serves as the platform for dialogue, coordination and sharing of information within the donor community on issues seeking to promote "peace, stability and sustainable development” for the region.


The Working Group has been active since its creation following the Peace Accord in December 1997. It meets at regular intervals and in these meetings, representatives of Government, CHT institutions and other pertinent stakeholders are invited to share with the member their insights and experience on the above issues.

A Technical Working Group (TWG) was formed in 2003 in order to allow the members to hold in-depth discussion and examine in greater detail some of the key issues. Another reason for the creation of the TWG was to ensure more direct collaboration of the stakeholders in policy formulation process on CHT by the donors.

Priority Areas
  • Support to implementation of the CHT Peace Accord
  • Facilitate confidence building and dispute resolution
  • Capacity building of the relevant CHT institutions
  • Promotion of basic rights of the citizens
  • Local governance & decentralization
  • Sustainable development
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