To move towards better coordination of the development process, and specifically to increase the efficiency with which donor resources for environmental issues are allocated.
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About the Working Group
The LCG Working Group on Environment aims to identify shared environmental concerns and maintain a constructive dialogue with the Government of Bangladesh and development partners.


Since its first meeting on 29 April 2001, a broad range of issues have been discussed and suggestions have been made regarding the necessary institutional arrangements to ensure close co-ordination between each government department regarding poverty-environment linkages to enable them to deliver its expected purpose. Different thematic groups were organized with representative from different organizations participating as members of these groups. The thematic issues included WSSD, Renewable energy, Climate Change. PRSP and Pollution. However, the focus for 2003-2005 is geared towards involvement with the PRSP process.

Priority Areas
    • Adaptation of and resilience against the effects of Climate Change.
    • Identification and coordination of Climate Finance schemes, including national
      and international finance schemes and promoting appropriate institutional

      reforms and arrangements.
    • Preparation and support of the regular meetings of the Conferences of the Parties(COPs).

    • Promotion of renewable energy and energy efficiency in order to reduce

      greenhouse gas emissions.
    • Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation (REDD+)
    • Support for the protection/conservation of water sources.
    • Protection against water, soil and air pollution for sustainable development.
Capacity Building on Climate Change Sub Group



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