To facilitate the implementation of the National Policy for Safe Water Supply and Sanitation, 1998, and associated National Development Policies and Initiatives; encourage application of effective strategies for the promotion.
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The LCG Working Group on Water Supply and Sanitation provides for an interactive and broad communication and information sharing mechanism for over 60 government, non-government, sector support organizations and development partners.


Since the adoption of the National Policy for Safe Water Supply and Sanitation, 1998 experiences have been shared on further definition of critical elements of the policy, including pro-poor strategies, gender, subsidies, private sector involvement etc. Together with Local Government Division it organizes sector wide activities such as the Watsan Bazar (2001), the International Workshop on Arsenic Mitigation in Bangladesh (2002) or the South Asia Conference on Sanitation (2003).
Priority Areas
    • Services for the poor: pro-poor strategies
    • Sector improvement: institutional arrangements and partnerships
    • Water quality (surveillance)
    • Arsenic mitigation
    • Sanitation for all
    • Hygiene promotion and communication
    • Urban water supply and sanitation
    • Gender equity
    • Financing: credits/subsidy
    • Sector monitoring and evaluation
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