ToR of the Working Group
  • Review poverty-related policy issues arising at the national level (Government, civil society actors and donors), from international for a (e.g. global conferences) or selected by the LCG Sub-Group itself;
  • Provide input/feedback regarding major programming exercises (e.g. PRSP, GoB FYP and other relevant policy/strategy exercises, country strategies of IFIs, UN agencies and bilateral donors) as well as important studies/publications (e.g. National Human Development Report) addressing poverty eradication in Bangladesh;
  • Exchange information and share experiences on operational approaches/practices with demonstrable, measurable and effective impact for the eradication of poverty that are ready for replication or up-scaling;
  • Prepare common statements, as required, to actively contribute to the national policy dialogue and promote collectively activity as prescribed by the BDF format;
  • Monitor the PRSP process in Bangladesh.
Work Plan
Current workplan unavailable.
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