With a view to accelerating the development of the Health, Population, and Nutrition Sector in Bangladesh, the overall aim of the Sub-Group is to coordinate donor partner agencies so as to speak with one voice with the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare(MOHFW)as and when this becomes necessary.
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The LCG Working Group on Health, Population and Nutrition (the HNP Consortium) is primarily a mechanism to coordinate support to the Bangladesh health sector in improving health outcomes.


The Consortium strives to be a hub for all multilateral and bilateral activity in the sector. It aims to improve effectiveness and minimise duplication in its activities. Through regular meetings and email discussions the consortium promotes transparency both among its members and with Government, facilitating members to develop strategic partnerships and reach agreement on common policy perspectives. In addition the consortium is a forum to communicate organizational priorities, share information on programme activities, disseminate learning and explore new ideas and approaches.

Priority Areas
  • Poverty reduction
  • MDGs


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