Objectives of the LCG Governance Working Group

The main objective of the LCG Governance Working Group is to review and monitor governance related policy issues, strategies, plans and programmes through joint result targets and a shared monitoring framework. The primary purposes of the LCG Governance Working Group are threefold:

  1. Act as a platform for policy dialogue;
  2. Monitor progress on the reform process in the field of governance;
  3. Facilitate coordination in line with the principles set out in the Paris Declaration, the Accra Agenda for Action and the Busan Partnership for Effective Development Cooperation.

Scope of Work

  • Coordinate work to provide strategic support to the Government in national priority policy formulation particularly on governance issues;
  • Promote harmonisation and alignment of activities with other task force teams to avoid duplication and provide necessary guidance and feedback and monitor achievements in respective fields;
  • Provide feedback to the Government and LCG Plenary on progress in the achievements of targets outlined in the result framework and also identify restraints in achieving those targets;
  • Review governance related national policy issues and provide feedback or comments regarding effective implementation;
  • Promote and facilitate common intentions and integration of policies, approaches and efforts of Government and Development Partners;
  • Provide a forum for information exchange and coordination for the Government and Development Partners including targets, achievements, challenges, activities and new initiatives;
  • Ensure mutual monitoring of government and Development Partners' activities and achievements in the field of governance and provide necessary feedback or support to ensure high level national policy implementation to promote good governance;
  • Conduct joint fact finding, field review or evaluation missions to assess the challenges to promoting good governance and advise government accordingly.
  • Last but not least, enable and engage representation from the civil society to contribute to policy dialogue with Government and Development Partners on governance issues.

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