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Terms of Reference: 
Anti Corruption Task Team
 LCG Working Group on Governance




Development Partners (DPs) have been working in the LCG governance working group for several years in Bangladesh without any substantial partnership from the Government. To enhance joint cooperation in governance reform the Government of Bangladesh has formed the the LCG Governanc Working Group in January 2011. The main objectives of the LCG Governanc Working Group is to review and monitor governance related policy issues, strategies, plans and programmes through joint result targets and shared monitoring framewoork. A total of six different Task Teams have been formed to focus on different aspects of governance. Prevention of corruption has been regarded as one of the core issues to establish good governance in Bangladesh and therefore a Task Team on anti corruption has been formed. It is a forum for joint discuss by the GoB and DPs on different aspects of anti corruption initiatives and workout policy recommendations on effective anti corruption measures in the country.
The main objective of the Anti Corruption Task Team is to analyze the basic features of anti corruption policies and administrative setups with a view to exploring the scopes of further improvements. 
Formation of the Task Team:
GoB Side

  1. Joint Secretary (Field Administration), Cabinet Division    ……         Convenor
  2. DS (Administrative Reforms, Implementation and Monitoring) Cabinet Division
  3. Representative from the Anti Corruption Commission
  4. Representative from the Ministry of Law
  5. Senior Assistant Secretary, (Adminstrative Reforms), Cabinet Division

Development Partners (DPs) Side:

  1. Ms. Alexis Buttler, USAID,                   ………                                            Convenor
  2.  Ms. Serena Tabassum, USAID

Scope of Work:

  1. To foster consensus on procedures and policies that will contribute to the prevention of corruption in Bangladesh.
  2. To endeavor harmonization and alignment of activities of the GoB on anti corruption with those of the DPs.
  3. To report the progress of the activities of the Anti Corruption Task Team to the LCG Working Group on Governance.
  4. To conduct joint fact finding, field review missions to assess the major challenges for implementing anti corruption measures.
  5. To provide a regular forum for exchange of information and coordination on anti corruption issues.


  1. The main responsibility of the Team will be monitoring and analyzing the different legal and administrative measures to eradicate corruption.
  1. The Task Team will evaluate the procedural aspects of prevention of corruption and find out the core points which require strengthening on the priority basis.


  1. The Task Team will make policy recommendations on prevention and eradication of corruption from both government and private sectors in the country.

Development Results Framework (DRF)
In order to achieve the objectives of the Task Team a Development Results Framework has been formulated which is attached as (Annexure-A).