To facilitate common understandings and integration of policies, approaches and efforts of development partners in the education sector.
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The Local Consultative Group (LCG) is the coordination body of donors in Bangladesh contributing to the overall development of the country. Under the main LCG, there exist different sub groups of donors in Bangladesh providing support in specific thematic / development areas. The Local Consultative Sub Group on Education (ELCG) is the sub group providing support for education in Bangladesh.

The ELCG started during the 1990s through the initiation of the General Education Project (1990-1996) to provide a forum for donors supporting education in Bangladesh and the Government of Bangladesh (GoB) to meet, discuss, and work together to develop policies and strategies for education, find ways to resolve problems mutually, and for better coordination and coherence between GOB and donors, and among donors themselves. However, GoB participation was limited during this time as the ELCG was yet to be recognized by the GoB as a formal forum for development dialogue. The active participation of other stakeholders in the ELCG is a more recent phenomenon. The inclusion of NGOs began after 1998.


The ELCG has evolved during the past few years as an effective forum for policy dialogue, coordination and collaboration. A Terms of Reference was first developed in 2001 to formalize many of the procedures and to define the scope of work of the ELCG. At present the ToR is regularly revised and updated in order to make it relevant to the context and priorities of education in the country. The ELCG now provides an opportunity for stakeholders to exchange information, discuss strategic issues and promote cooperation and coordination.

The main purposes of the ELCG are to:

provide a forum for exchange of information with GOB related to the progress and constraints in the achievement of goals set by the GOB in the education sector;
provide a forum for exchange of information as well as discussions among development partners supporting education programmes, and to identify issues of common concern to raise with the main LCG and/or GOB, as appropriate; and
facilitate common understandings and integration of policies, approaches and efforts of development partners in the education sector.

Priority areas for the ELCG are sharing of information about programs and the financing of education for harmonization and collaboration, contributing to policy and strategy issues i.e. Education For All, Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), the Poverty Reduction Strategy (PRS) etc; discussing relevant issues in primary education, non formal education, secondary education and higher education. The ELCG formulates a work plan which is updated annually.

The ELCG consists of:

Voting Members: representatives of development partners supporting education programmes and who are members of the main LCG, e.g. bilateral donors, international financial institutions and multilateral agencies. In addition, voting members include UN agencies e.g., UNESCO, with a mandate for education development but who may not be a member of the main LCG and
Non Voting Members: such as NGOs, who are stakeholders in education in Bangladesh representing the civil society. In this category are CAMPE (an umbrella organization of over 700 NGOs working in education in Bangladesh), one representative of Save the Children Alliance and one representative of international NGOs

There have been positive efforts to strengthen the relationship with the GoB and to incorporate GoB in the ELCG as an active member considering that the GoB is the main provider of education in the country and that it has a lead role in policy decisions

At present the ELCG has approximately 30 members. The ELCG meets at least 4 times a year in regular meetings and in various additional extraordinary meetings as per need. In addition, an ELCG Retreat is organized every year since 2003 to provide opportunities for in-depth thematic discussions amongst major stakeholders in education in Bangladesh.

Priority Areas
  • Sharing about programs and financing in education for harmonization and collaboration
  • Contributing to policy issues
  • Education for All
  • Primary Education
  • Non Formal Education
  • Secondary Education


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