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Disaster & Emergency Response (DER)

SIDR Cyclone Updates


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Food (WFP)
Health (WHO)
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Livelihoods (ILO)
Agriculture (FAO)
Education (UNICEF)

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Early Recovery (UNDP)
Logistics (WFP)
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Lessons Learned Reports
UN Flood and Cyclone Lessons Learnt Workshop Report_March 2008

1_SCG Sidr Shelter Conditions & Needs Report.pdf
2007-11-22_UN Rapid Assessment Report_Bangladesh.pdf
2007-11-23_Action Aid-Bangladesh.pdf
2007-12-04_UNESCO - World Heritage Centre Report.pdf
CARE Bangladesh - Rapid SIDR Gender Assesment_December 2007.pdf
Early recovery needs assessment by MoFDM and UNDP_final draft February 2008.pdf
Effect of cyclone sidr on Sundarbans_CEGIS.pdf
Emergency livelihood protection and rehabilitation programme appraisal document by FAO_January 2008.pdf
Food security assessment-SIDR cyclone by WFP and partners_December 2007 .pdf
Preliminary assessment of the impact on decent employment and proposed recovery strategy by ILO and MoLE_March 2008.pdf
Rapid Education Assessment by Save the Children_03 January 2008.pdf
Rapid environmental assessment in the cyclone-Sidr affected area_December 2007.pdf

Documents Archive
Presentation by Ministry of Planning - "Super Cyclone SIDR"
12, December 2007
Presentation by Ministry of Food and Disaster Management - "Super Cyclone SIDR"
12, December 2007
Operations Update - Cyclone
04, December 2007
Statement of Honourable Chief Adviser (3 Dec 07)
Summary Situation Analysis
Prepared by: Brig Gen Rashid,
Barisal Relief Operations Coordination Centre
Infant and Young Child Feeding in Emergencies (Operational Guidance)
Joint Statement (MoFHW, UNICEF, WHO)
Press Releases
UN Cyclone Funding Matrix
News Clips

Want to donate?

To donate items in-kind through Chief Adviser's Office (CAO):
If you are interested to donate items in kind, affected people then you may fax the relevant details of the contribution and your contact address to the following fax numbers:
+ 880-2-8151700, + 880-2-8111490.

The office will contact you for further action in this regard.

click here for general instructions for donation to the "Chief Adviser’s Relief and Welfare Fund"

Customs & immigration Rules & Procedures

GoB letter for distribution of relief materials

Govt order for Receiving Cell at the Zia Intl Airport

Govt. Circular (in Bangla)

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Following government policy, the coordination structure for cyclone Sidr was revised to reflect the early recovery programming and implementation. Cluster Coordination Groups and Early Recovery Working-Groups were collapsed into sector coordination groups entitled Sidr Transitional Working-Groups. Seven Sidr Transitional Working Groups and groups on Environment and Disaster are working towards the implementation of the United Nations Early Recovery Framework , developed in support of the Bangladesh Government’s Early Recovery Action Plan. The Working Groups in the future will transition into permanent LCG - DER clusters – see Guidance Note.

For more detailed information on specific sectors please contact the focal points below.

Working-Group   Focal Point  
Food Security (WFP) John McHarris 88 01711596032 or
02 8119069 x2253
Health (WHO) Dr Kazi A.H.M Akram 88 01713004166
Shelter (UNDP) BMM Mozharul Huq 88 01711807764 or
02 8118600 extn. 2668
Livelihoods (ILO) T.I.M Nurunnabi Khan 88 02-81114705
Agriculture (FAO) Alfred Osunsanya 88 01731684553
WASH (UNICEF) Lalit Patra 880-1713244617
Education (UNICEF) Hassan A. Mohamed 88 02 -9336702-10 extn. 219
For more information about the working-group overall coordination issues contact:
Rune Brandrup [email:]
Rumana Khan []
Environment - Mamunul H. Khan [email:]
Disaster Risk Reduction - Tarik-ul-Islam [email:]
2007-11-26_Clusters Leads Coordination Meeting minutes.pdf
2007-11-27_Coordination mtg agenda and updates_Cyclone SIDR_MoFDM_doc.pdf
2007-12-04_Cluster leads & IM managers meeting minutes.pdf
2007-12-10_Cluster leads & IM managers meeting minutes.pdf
2007-12-10_Follow-up actions for Cluster Leads.pdf
2007-12-10_Meeting Participants list.pdf
2007-12-13_Joint Early Recovery Coordination Meeting-UN and GoB_Draft minutes.pdf
2007-12-20_ IASC Inter-Cluster meeting minutes.pdf
2008-02-17_Cross-Sector Coordination Meeting Minutes.pdf
2008-03-02_Cross-Sector Coordination Meeting Minutes_Final.pdf
2008-03-17_Cross-sector coordination meeting minutes_Final.pdf
2008-03-30_Cross-sector coordination meeting minutes_Final.pdf
2008-04-13-_Cross-sector coordination meeting minutes_final.pdf
2008-05-14_Cross-sector coordination meeting minutes_Final.pdf

2007-11-18_DER Special Meeting on Cyclone_agenda.pdf
2007-11-18_DER special meeting minutes_draft.pdf
2007-11-18_Speech of Disaster Secretary on Donor's meeting.pdf
2007-11-22_DER special meeting minutes.pdf
2007-11-27_Emergency Response and Recovery_Cyclone SIDR_MoFDM_ppt.pdf

DER Response Matrix_Cyclone SIDR (Update 1).pdf
DER Response Matrix_Cyclone SIDR (Update 2).pdf
DER Response Matrix_Cyclone SIDR (Update 3).pdf
DER Response Matrix_Cyclone SIDR (Update 4).pdf
DER Response Matrix_Cyclone SIDR (Update 5).pdf
DER Response Matrix_Cyclone SIDR.pdf
Who is doing What Where When_Analysis_Sidr07_Food Cluster_1.pdf
Who is doing What Where When_Analysis_Sidr07_Food Cluster_2.pdf
Who is doing What Where When_Analysis_Sidr07_Food Cluster_3.pdf

2007-11-17_Bangladesh_Cyclone Sidr-Affected Areas_WFP.pdf
2007-11-17_Cyclone Sidr_WFP.pdf
2007-11-17_WFP HEB Distribution_1st Round_Cyclone Sidr.pdf
2007-11-21_WFP HEB Distribution_1st Round_Cyclone Sidr.pdf
2007-11-28_Agencies involved in Emergency Operations_WFP- V2.pdf
2007-11-29_Total Affected Population-Cyclone Sidr_WFP.pdf
2007-11-30_Operational Map-WFP Logistics Arrangement_Cyclone Sidr.pdf
2007-11-30_WFP Food Assistence Upazilas_Cycloen Sidr.pdf
WFP-HEB Distribution_2nd Round_Cyclone Sidr.pdf

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