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DER Planning (WSG)
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November 01 Tue, Conference Room (Room No-104, Building No-4, Bangladesh Secretariat, Dhaka, of the Ministry of Food & Disaster Management)
  • Review of the decisions of the past meeting
  • DER coordination Mechanism- a presentation will be made by Ms. Sandie Walton -Ellery
  • Review of water- logging situation in Satkhira district and Way Forward
  • Review on Cyclone Preparedness
  • AOB

Final_draft_DER Action Plan_2011-13



June 15 Wed(09:00hrs), CDMP
  • UNDP to re-circulate the final version of the TOR by email
  • UNDP to revise LCG DER member list on website to accurately reflect group composition
  • UNDP to revise Action Plan as agreed and re-circulate by email (by COB Sunday 19 June) for final comments
Meeting minutes_WSG_DER Action Plan_15 June 2011

March 06 Sun(15:00hrs), DMRD
  • Review and recommend the ToR
  • Outline the financial and technical support the DER can access from CDMP
  • Propose a new name for the DER to better reflect the objective of the group
  • Review the establishment of Clusters under the DER
DER Working Group meeting notice