To provide a platform for inclusive consensus building and coordination on key policies, programmes and strategies within the context of agriculture, food security and nutrition, and rural development.

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(2008) Agricultural Sector Programme Support Phase 2, Denmark
(2008) Avian Influenza situation in Bangladesh,
(2008) Emergency Livelihood Protection and Rehabilitation Assessment and Program Appraisal, FAO
(2008) HPAI in Bangladesh, FAO
(2008) Rice and Wheat Production & Price, NFPCSP, FAO
(2008) Innovative Rice Production Technologies for Food Security and Rice Production In Bangladesh, IRRI
(2008) Soaring food prices: beyond emergency interventions, NFPCSP
(2008) The rice situation, NFPCSP, FAO
(2007) Avian influenza Oparational Matrix, FAO
(2007) Bangladesh POPs/Obsolete Pesticite Project, FAO
(2007) Floods 2007 – Food Security and Food Assistance, WFP
(2007) Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza in Bangladesh: Situation Critical, USAID
(2007) HPAI in Bangladesh, FAO
(2007) HPAI Outbreak Presentation -1, FAO
(2007) Impact of floods and SIDR on rice availability in Bangladesh, NFPCSP, FAO
(2007) Presentation on Monga, FAO
(2007) RICE Production & Price, NFPCSP, FAO
(2007) The Flood and Rice Availability, NFPCSP, FAO
(2006) Agriculture Sector Review, Ministry of Agriculture, Govt. of Bangladesh
(2006) Agriculture Sector Review (Crop sub-sector) Volume-II, Ministry of Agriculture, Govt. of Bangladesh
(2006) Agriculture Sector Review (Crop sub-sector); Volume I, Ministry of Agriculture, Govt. of Bangladesh
(2006) Agriculture Sector Review; Volume-IV, Ministry of Agriculture, Govt. of Bangladesh
(2006) Participatory Rural Development Project-2, (Monthly Bulletin, Vol-XII), BRDB
(2006) Transformation of Agriculture for Sustainable Development and Poverty Alleviation in Bangladesh: Actionable Polices and Programmes(Main report), Ministry of Agriculture, Govt. of Bangladesh
(2005) Bangladesh Food Situation Report (Apr - Jun 2005), FPMU
(2005) Draft National Livestock Policy (presentation),
(2005) Draft National Livestock Policy (presentation),
(2005) Food Security in Bangladesh: Towards a Comprehensive PRogramme of Integrarted Actions,
(2005) Livestock Policy and Action Plan, Ministry of Fisheries and Livestock
(2005) Overview of the Formulation of: Sustainable Land Management Project, UNDP
(2004) A Peer Review of the Integrated Agricultural Development Plan: A Report for the Ministry of Agriculture
(2004) Agriculture Sector Presentation for ADB & WB Briefing Sep13
(2004) Agriculture, Food Security, Nutrition and the Millennium Development Goals,
(2004) Breaking New Ground: Livelihood Choices, Opportunities and Tradeoffs for Women and Girls in Rural Bangladesh, IDL
(2004) DFID Research Funding Framework 2005-2007, DFID
(2004) Hands not Land, BIDS, DFID
(2004) Science and Poverty An Interdisciplinary Assessment of the Impact of Agricultural Research, International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI)
(2003) Agricultural Extension with DAE - A Ten Year Review, ASIRP
(2003) ASIRP End of Project Report, ASIRP
(2003) ASIRP End of Project Report - November 2003, ASIRP
(2003) Agricultural Extension in Bangladesh: An Entitlement of all farmers? - The Results of a National Extension Coverage Survey, ASIRP
(2003) Assessment of the Bangladesh IPRSP, LCG (Agriculture)
(2003) Development Partners Workshop Report. PRSP and Plan of Action (POA) for Agriculture: Framework for Progress, LCG (Agriculture)
(2003) Evaluation of NAEP Media Campaign-2nd Round, ASIRP
(2003) Extension Coverage Survey 2003 - Annex 2 (Output Tabels), ASIRP
(2003) Extension Coverage Survey 2003: Key Findings, ASIRP
(2003) Human Resource Interventions with DAE - A Ten Year Review, ASIRP
(2003) Organisation Development with DAE - A Ten Year Review, ASIRP
(2003) Performances of Extension Service Providers - Quality & Quantity of Service, ASIRP
(2003) Study on Human Resource Planning and Agricultural Training and Education, ASIRP
(2003) Working with NGOs - A Ten Year Review (Vol. 3), ASIRP
(2002) Extension for Sustainable Livelihoods in Bangladesh: The Evidence from Six Case Studies, ASIRP
(2000) ASIRP Inception Report, ASIRP